Welcome to my brand-new modeling website!

Who the hell are you?

Hey, my name is Nina! I’m from Memmingen in beautiful Bavaria, Germany,  and at the moment I’m studying computer science in Ulm.

How did you get round to modeling?

Actually random. It’s not that I had the dream of modeling since I was young. It rather began with a birthday present, a photo shooting, and I had lots of fun! Then a friend came and recommended a modeling platform to me, where I created an account with the picture of the previous shooting. So the first requests came and my first photo shoots as well.

Did you have talent instantly?

Define talent.. My slight body height of 163cm was never really indication for modeling and also my facial features are not the “standard” most people expect. I also remember my fist photo shooting: helpless and uncoordinated I stood in front of the camera, stiff and with no idea for any pose. Although this one picture therefrom still is one of my favorite pics (background of this website) and the shooting was a success. Nevertheless you can’t refer to immediate talent ;)

Would you see yourself as „perfect“?

Everybody is perfect for himself, but of course I’ve got few things to complain about my body – who hasn’t.. But I think you have to work with what has been given to us. Most of all it’s important to me to radiate something, and therefore you have to be self-confident. The fairest affirmation for me is that most photographers do not admire my beauty at the pictures but the expression they have.

Do you have to struggle with cliches?

Well, a person who doesn’t know me and views my picture maybe really sees me as the “naïve blonde” which can’t do anything else than looking good on photos. But I don’t know because I don’t witness that. I’m studying computer science and my hobbies are motor biking and playing e-violin, so I’m kind of different anyway. I’ve got my own character and won’t give it away ;)

Want to say something more?

Many thanks to all the people who support me personally or on Facebook, to my manager who gives the opportunity to collect experiences, a good friend who made this website exactly as I imagined, and especially to my parents who created me to what I am now.




Body height: 163 cm

Body weight: 57 kg

Measures: 88 – 65 – 94

Hair: blond, very long

Eye color: brown

Bra size: 75 B

Clothes size: 34/S

Shoe size: 39


-- Modeling.

There are no ‘photo shootings’, there are moments of free movement.

It’s not a given ’height’, it’s to display greatness.

It’s not ’being thin’, it’s being versatile.

There is no ’perfect skin’, but uniqueness.

It’s not ‘modeling’, it’s showing character. --


I’m not incredibly beautiful, but seldom.